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An E-mail I sent to my parents. Wanted to get your guys' opinions as well:

Ok, well I've been thinking this for a while, but I'm in talks with people here at SPU about re-taking/finishing theory at Olympic College next year. I'm really not satisfied with the program (or lack thereof) this year. From what I've heard the teacher last year was great, but when he left, the program left with him. I'm sure first year students are doing fine, but trying to start where one was left off is hard to do.

Right now, we're doing things that are review for me...things we were doing second quarter of first year theory for me at OC with Rick. I think I would be more motivated to continue to do class if it was a continuous challenge as opposed to review work that doesn't keep my attention. This appears to be a case where a student actually wants to learn...imagine that!

What would your guys' opinions be? I would still be considered full time at SPU and just do theory at OC next year. It would be easy enough. I'd just have to work it out with Dr. Holmes here, which sounds like it could work.

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