derek. (andthevolcano) wrote in xmusictheoryx,

i figured i would share

i'm done composing my first kyrie eleison. for those of you who don't know what it is, it originates from circa 9th century gregorian chant from the catholic church. it means lord have mercy, christ have mercy. pretty rad stuff, even though i'm not catholic.

anyways, it's notated in old style notation with four lines on the staff instead of five, and in modes, not key signatures. it has square notes, diamond notes, squiggly notes tied to dotted square notes, etc...and it's in latin. very exciting stuff. since ray's birthday is in a couple of days, this is his kyrie. it sounds pretty neat. i'll be posting a photocopy of it once i make one.

a couple things came up while writing this:

1. did monks use Finale: 9th Century Chant Edition?
2. i'm certain monks used white-out to get the fifth line out of their already printed staff paper, right?
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